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Whether you’re trying to land that first job (LAUNCH), ramp-up (MIDCAREER), change functions, even sectors (TRANSITIONS) or vault into the C-Suite (EXECUTIVE), if you are capable, committed and focused, you can achieve your goals – you just might need a little help from those who’ve been there.

All Career Levels

My work with the wonderful team at the Kellogg School of Management has opened my eyes to the fact that despite how far we’ve come in achieving equality in education, women are still nowhere near equal in the workplace – on everything from compensation to seats in the C-Suite or at the Board table.

If we want to address this imbalance, research suggests the key is keeping women in the career pipeline throughout the four key Pivot PointsTM where they are most likely to either keep driving ahead or end up in the slow lane, maybe permanently.  These career Pivot PointsTM are: Launch, Midcareer, Transition and Executive.

While many resources address one or two of these career stumbling blocks, we’re tackling them all – to become the “go-to” resource for ambitious women looking to get ahead, on their own terms, throughout their careers.

As women who “made it” (despite failures, flaws and setbacks along the way), we want to do what we can to help others.  “Your Career, Your Terms” takes a straight-talking, practical approach to providing both insights and inspiration from people who have actually been there and succeeded.  It’s a resource for those who need help and a platform for those who want to help.

We’ll share original content via blogs, books, videos and podcasts, but we also hope this will become a place where others share their experiences and ideas too.  So, check out whichever Pivot PointTM best describes your needs today and your goals for the future. And, if you can, get involved. Submit a topic or question for a future blog or podcast. Share a piece that was helpful to you. Sign up and help us build a supportive community that will benefit everyone.


Launch is usually in your 20s, that period post college/grad school before starting your own family. This is a time for exponential growth and learning, for paying your dues, earning your stripes and beginning to make a name for yourself.


This period is typically in your 30s and early 40s. It’s a time when you are likely already a manager but not yet a senior leader. And between young children and aging parents, you may be juggling intense caregiving responsibilities at this point.


At some point, many of us need or want a career change. That can be great! Change is often very rewarding – intellectually, emotionally and/or financially.


This point comes in your late 40s and 50s and can last for decades. It is all about becoming a senior leader – making it from VP/SVP to the C-Suite or Board table.

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