Catherine Hernandez-Blades – SVP, Corporate Communications, Aflac

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  • On April 13, 2017

Catherine Hernandez-Blades

“Don’t let the high heels fool you!” that’s how her male colleagues have come to regard Catherine – a smart, savvy, high integrity, high impact executive.

Catherine built her career by boldly taking on the tough assignments no one else could or would and making a success of them. Doing so helped her not only get ahead but also made her a leading figure in her industry. It’s no wonder she’s been named to almost every list of top professionals in PR.

Now on Pivot Points™, Catherine shares her best tips for making the right choices, learning to advocate for yourself, building your network, and becoming a person everyone wants to work for. (See Catherine’s full bio here.)

Hear why Catherine believes it’s all about choices.

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