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Career Check Up

If you’re not sure you want or have time for on-going coaching, consider a Career Check Up.  This is a one time, one-on-one 90 minute consultation. You can use it to address one specific issue or opportunity or to have a broader discussion about staying motivated or planning for what’s next. It’s your time so we’ll focus on whatever is getting your juices flowing or keeping you up at night. Every consultation is personal, professional and confidential. ($500)

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If you are interested in on-going personal coaching or hands-on support to enhance your executive presence or raise your profile, Contact me for details.

Human Resources Services

If your organization is one of the many that has realized the value of getting more women into management – or even leadership – positions, data shows you may need some help getting there.  Why?  Because up to 50% of our best and brightest female professionals are still opting out – if not out of the workforce altogether, then at least off the executive track.  There are many things you can do to change this. Most involve doing the right things internally but some require bringing in the right outside support as well.  That’s where we come in.  We offer both direct to the individual turn-key external coaching support as well as customized counseling – for you, your HR team, your Executive team or your Hi-Po women.  Click here for more information about some of the ways we help clients.

Just one hour on the phone with Perry gave me more actionable insights and inspiration than I'd received through years with other coaches. It's her straight forward, "been there, done-that" approach, paired with her unmistakable combination of intellect and spot-on instinct that sets her apart. She gave me clear strategies for what to do next, reinforced my thinking and boosted my confidence - all in an hour. I truly feel lucky to have met her. She's one awesome, savvy business woman. Hire her...now.

Samantha P,
Age 41, CMO, Tech Company, LA

I’ve known Perry for decades and can say without hesitation there is no one better suited to help guide ambitious professionals. Whenever I need advice on how to handle a particularly vexing professional or personal situation, I look to Perry.  She is always spot on, whether sharing concrete examples of similar situations or just prodding me to think in new ways. There are few people with her level of success who share their knowledge so expertly and perceptively. Add her flawless moral and ethical compass and you’ve got a winner on your team.

Sue K,
Age 52, Sr PR Manager, US Government, Washington DC

Perry offers critical insight and perspective that is both inspirational and thought-provoking. She can help you define and refine your vision and goals. With her innate ability to guide and coach, you will reach your full potential.

Mia R,
Age 40, Educator and Real Estate Broker, Washington DC

Perry and I met as peers in the same profession nearly 20 years ago. We bonded over shared experiences and traded stories and solutions. She remains a trusted confidante who has helped me think through a number of challenging work situations - some technical, others political. Clear-eyed, forthright and honest, Perry is true to herself and reminds me to be the same.

Kathy B,
Age 51, Practice Chair, Global Communications Firm, Washington, D.C.

Perry has been there, done that, and is still doing it. Over more than three decades, I’ve witnessed Perry’s drive and determination to advance her career in both the corporate and agency worlds.  She has the unique skills to be both a dynamic presenter and an intense, active listener. Perry's varied experiences enable her to coach women at any level. It can be as simple as what to wear to the more "complicated and delicate" subjects of how to handle people. And everything in between. Her thoughts/opinions/advise are solid, well thought out, time tested, and respected by many.  She is a trusted advisor.

Sue B,
Age 55, Nuclear Engineer, Annapolis

Compared with men, women are notoriously opportunistic and reticent in the way they approach their career progression.  Throughout her own career Perry has defied this norm: demonstrating courage, resilience and a long-term outlook that has taken her to the top.   She is passionate about women reaching their full potential, so any woman seeking her counsel is in very good hands

Mel L,
Age 45, Partner, Consulting Firm, Philadelphia