Irene Rosenfeld – Chairman & CEO – Mondelez International

  • Posted by Your Career Your Terms
  • On September 28, 2016


As the Chairman and CEO first of Kraft Foods and now of Mondelez International, she’s been at the top of the “Most Powerful” rankings (Fortune, Forbes, Financial Times, etc) for nearly a decade.  She’s built her reputation as a dynamic and decisive leader, who doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff if she believes it’s the right thing to do.  When I worked for her, my young daughter nicknamed her “the big cheese.” But most people know her as Dr. Rosenfeld or just Irene.  (You can read her full bio here.) She’s been a role-model for women throughout her career and now she’s sharing her best tips for landing your next job, getting what you really want, and staying true to yourself.

Listen in to hear about the role that really “launched” Irene’s career and how she landed it. 

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