Jane Randel – Co-Founder Karp Randel; Co-Founder NO MORE; Former Head of Corporate Communications and CSR at Kate Spade & Company (aka Liz Claiborne Inc)

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  • On December 19, 2016

Jane Randel

By her own admission, Jane Randel often disregarded the advice of others in forging her way to the top.  But, it never slowed her down. Maybe that combination of confidence, competence, and commitment is why both the NFL and NASCAR have turned to her for help on some of their toughest issues.

Today on Pivot Points™, Jane shares her best advice on how to survive a love/hate relationship with your boss, why every working woman needs a “wife” at home, how to transition successfully when you’ve essentially built your career in a single organization, and how to learn to rely on yourself and not be afraid of making mistakes. (See Jane’s full bio here.)

Listen in to hear why Jane believes you can’t be afraid to fail.

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