Rhonda Jordan – Board of Directors: Ingredion Inc, Busch Brothers & Co and Colfax Corporation, Former Unit President of Cheese, Grocery and Pizza at Kraft Foods

  • Posted by Your Career Your Terms
  • On October 12, 2016

As a seasoned corporate executive and now three-time Board Director, Rhonda Jordan has earned her reputation as a thoughtful, capable professional and an all-around great team player.

Now on Pivot Points™, Rhonda shares how she raised her hand early on and reaped the reward for taking that risk; how she struggled for years as a working mom before finally learning how to put down the guilt; and how she realized the importance of being your own best career advocate.

Today, she’s not only sharing her experience and expertise with many companies, but she’s helping other women earn their rightful seat at the board table as well (see her full bio here).

Listen in to hear about the risk that really “launched” Rhonda’s career.

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